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Lymphatic Drainage with Ultrasound Treatment

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As part of your treatment, there are other therapies available which are: ultrasound cavitation, radio-frequency, and Infrared light therapy. These are beneficial in a later stage if chronic painful lumps or skin hardening occur. The machines we use will be complementary to the massages. These therapies are included in your package price.

Important facts to know about Lymphatic Drainage POST-OP / POST SURGERY:

  • Lymphatic drainage POST-OP is different from regular lymphatic drainage. Same concept different techniques. Your therapist needs to have the knowledge since each surgery has different requirements as to what areas can be treated.

  • After the first treatment, you should see a big difference

  • Lymphatic drainage POST-OP not only accelerates the healing process but is also the last step to maximum results after your plastic surgery.

  • Lymphatic drainage is also effective even a while after the surgery. Even though the lumps and skin hardening are now chronic lymphatic drainage will still work.

 Pre- and Post-Surgery

Ultrasound Indiba RET CET Monopolar High Frequency delivers fast and effective results in treating plastic & reconstructive surgery patients, as it stimulates tissue repair, accelerates recovery from surgery, and reduces pain and inflammation.


Using Indiba RET CET Monopolar High-Frequency treatments before surgery help prepare the tissue to facilitate surgery, reduce bleeding during the intervention, and reduces post-surgery hematomas and edemas.

After surgery, it represents a positive and safe tool for alleviating inflammation and reducing postoperative pain and fibrosis.



  • Reduces bruising and speeds up healing of bruises

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Speeds up recovery and healing

  • Reduces pain

  • Reduces the appearance of scarring

    • Softens existing scars

    • In the case of vaginal surgery, facilitates high tissue and mucosa compaction


  • Optimizes tissue conditions

  • Reduces bleeding

  • Reduces pain

  • Reduces inflammation, fibrosis, and edema

  • Quick procedure

  • No downtime