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Nu'Bella Body Aesthetics

HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation

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The Hifu device is a slender handheld probe that delivers controlled thermal Radiofrequency energy directly to targeted areas. The procedure does not involve any pain or discomfort and requires no recovery time. By focusing on triggering collagen production in the vaginal region, the technology is capable of dramatically improving the tissues in the area. It is currently the only technology that can improve both the external and internal structures in the vaginal area.

Radiofrequency therapy has been proven to be effective in stimulating the tissue in the vaginal region and enhancing the cellular structure of the skin for increased elasticity and response. RF applies this safe and tested technology to the outer and inner female genital area. Our clients report that the results of this procedure go above and beyond the expected, with improved sexual response, lubrication, and tightness.